Agency Le Cirque, provides its professional services to his customers:


  • property valuation and identification of the best achievable price.
  • market analysis and possible its convertibility can be determining factors for success.
  • photo shoot to the property in order to promote the most of the property.
  • advertising spread by taking advantage of the best media (newspapers, television, shop windows, signs, internet, etc.)
  • Home Staging: recommending possible changes to the property to make it more palatable to shorten the time of sale.
  • Activity reports constantly updated on the developments engagement.
  • Selection of potential buyers


  • property finder service consulting and research the property suitable for buyer's needs
  • Gathering all the necessary documentation to evaluate your tender
  • Assistance in the calculation of all fees purchase
  • After-sales assistance
  • Consulting for the implementation of restructuring


  • Evaluations and reports
  • Assistance and advice on buying properties at auction and real estate acquisition outside
  • Administration and management of real estate assets
  • Consulting and drafting of contracts of sale, lease and rent
Agenzia Le Cirque
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